Everyday, we run into talented, skilled Americans from all walks of life who wish to make a difference in the world. Their time, talent or treasure is exactly what is needed in Cambodia. Teachers, accountants, nurses, farmers, businessmen, policemen, doctors, librarians, social workers, mechanics, and writers: these are just a sample of the skills and experience needed to help rebuild Cambodian society. The purpose of our Fact-Finding Trips is to take individuals like these on an in-depth seven-day tour of the country, with hopes that participants will, in turn, develop a real commitment to building the country.

From one end of Cambodia to the other, participants in Build Cambodia's Fact-Finding Trips travel to a variety of places, including hospitals, schools, villages, orphanages, courts of law, universities, newspapers, embassies, factories and women's shelters. Participants meet with everyone from foreign ambassadors and organization directors to Cambodian adults and children to learn about their hopes for the future and their diverse challenges. Cambodian interpreters travel with our group to facilitate cross-cultural communication.

When the Build Cambodia trip is over, our participants are changed people. Ask them and they will tell you they have gained a profound understanding of the challenges of rebuilding in a post-conflict society. Our participants share their life changing encounters once they return. They will tell you about the rich and unexpected friendships they have made with Cambodians and fellow participants. And, we hope, our participants make a commitment to return to Cambodia, whether physically or in spirit, to continue to make a difference, half a world away.

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