People from all walks of life are choosing to get involved helping Cambodians build better lives and better futures. There are many ways you can get involved and make a difference.

Take an Interest - Learn more about Cambodia, its history and what's happening today. There are many good sources that we list on our website.

Make a Donation - Build Cambodia has researched dozens of worthwhile organizations that are making a difference every day in the lives of poor Cambodians. For a partial list check out our Friends and Affiliates page.

Volunteer your Time and Talent in Cambodia - You can decide to travel to Cambodia once or on a regular basis to teach, help, consult, or work alongside our Cambodian friends to build skills and provide knowledgeable assistance.

Adopt a Charity - You can take just one organization that is doing great work and support it with your contributions and by telling others about it and building a much needed base of support.

Start Your Own Project - Dozens of committed people from all over the world have started small projects throughout Cambodia in a variety of fields and all of them provide much needed assistance that the government and the people cannot provide.

Tell Others About Cambodia - Let's not allow Cambodia to be forgotten.

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